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About Matted Hair Detangling Melbourne

Do you need some help detangling a knot?
Do you or a loved one have matted hair and you are not sure what to do?
You don’t need to cut your hair. I can remove the knot and save the hair 馃檪

I am Stephanie, I am a professional hairdresser with over 10 years experience.

I charge $60 per hour for detangling matted hair.

It can take between 4h to 20h+ depending on the size of the knot and how long the hair has been tangled.

Matted hair detangling Melbourne contact info:
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 9am-6pm
Location: Your home 馃檪

matted hair detangling in Melbourne

Detangling matted hair in Melbourne

I will be applying a good amount of conditioner to the hair and with the help of a pintail comb or a crochet hook, I鈥檒l be detangling little by little starting from the tips.

During the process, you can simply relax, watch TV, read a good book or have a great chat with us.

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